The Original CHU / Chu The Producer

Producer, Songwriter, Lyricist and then some...

the original CHU is a producer, songwriter and hip-hop artist from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His debut 14-track album titled The Open Book Experience (TOBE) is available NOW!


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Album #2 In Progress

It's time! People have been asking about if I have plans to do a new album. Short answer? Yes. I have begun the production and writing process for the album and am working on securing some exciting collaborations for the project. The new direction for the album is a logical progression and departure from the style of award winning The Open Book Experience LP. 

To become a part of the project, check out the video and let's work together.

Chu Enters The Golden Age Rap Contest

When Dizzy Wright - a highly acclaimed rapper from Las Vegas - issues a challenge to all hip-hop artists around the globe, I can't resist the temptation. When you add the face that some advice that I was once given by Dizzy on Sway In The Morning (a radio call in show), I feel I have to pay homage to Dizzy in the form of a song for his own contest. Win or lose, I want the message to get to Dizzy that I appreciated his comments and advice. The song "Dizzy (thanks)" was born. 

A video was a requirement of the contest so I decided to do a comedic, kindergarten-esque animation to supplement the video.

New Track Released - "Where I'm Supposed to Be"

Since the release of The Open Book Experience LP, I have been working tirelessly with my production partner Jey Blaq in writing and producing music to help other artists with their musical projects. As rewarding as it has been, I didn't want the Chu Crew to feel neglected so I am releasing a new solo song today called "Where I'm Supposed to Be". It is available with a visual display on YOUTUBE. I hope you like it!

Chu Collabs with Bad Choice out of Los Angeles

Chu and Bad Choice decided to collaborate on a track and the result is a motivational, melodic song called "Tunnel Vision". The song chronicles the laser sharp focus that is required to pursue and achieve your dreams and encourages everyone to do so. The song is available on Bad Choices album "Renegade" and is available now to Stream on SPOTIFY or buy on ITUNES or GOOGLE PLAY.

Chu Nominated for People's Choice Award

The Edmonton Music Awards released their list of nominees today and I was humbled to find that I was on the list for the People's Choice Award category. It is now up to the music listeners to vote a winner which will be announced at the Awards Gala on June 29, 2017. A huge thanks to the Edmonton Music Awards selection committee and my supporters. 

Draw Winner Announced

As a result of attending The Open Book Experience Concert on November 24, 2016  and submitting her name for the entry draw, Stacey A. of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada was randomly selected as the winner of the Musical Experience Draw. Chu and Stacey will get together and Stacey will be given a few instrumentals to choose from. All instrumentals will be original compositions created by ChuBlaqa Productions (the original CHU & Jey Blaq). Using the selected instrumental, they will come up with a concept for a song together. From there, Stacey will be given the opportunity to be present during the writing, recording and mixing of the song. 

Congratulations Stacey!

1st Single from The Open Book Experience Available for Free Streaming

After much anticipation, the original CHU has finally released Crystal Ball for free streaming on his website at Crystal Ball is the 1st single of The Open Book Experience (TOBE) LP which is set for release on Nov 25, 2016. The song and LP confronts head-on some significant topics that many people struggle silently with such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, bullying, racism and relationships.