The Original CHU

Producer, Songwriter, Lyricist and then some...

the original CHU is a producer, songwriter and hip-hop artist from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His debut 14-track album titled The Open Book Experience (TOBE) is available NOW!


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Dream Team Assembled For Afternoon Delight

When Chu hit the studio, he was blessed and honored that he was able to assemble a dream team to help put together Afternoon Delight. With the nature of TOBE (The Open Book Experience), he felt the desire to turn up a little and let loose. Speaking of desire, this track is laced with many subtle and not so subtle undertones. Donovan Weihmann once again lends his voice for the chorus of Afternoon Delight. Relative newcomer Genevieve Powell graces the track with her angelic voice and the track features the introduction of the next hip-hop artist to take the scene over - KYMR. KYMR is in the lab with the ChuBlaqa Production Team working on his debut EP.