The Original CHU / Chu The Producer

Producer, Songwriter, Lyricist and then some...

the original CHU is a producer, songwriter and hip-hop artist from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His debut 14-track album titled The Open Book Experience (TOBE) is available NOW!


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Long Bio:

Raised from humble beginnings in a single-parent home with 3 siblings, the original CHU tended to keep to himself and be silent when faced with adversity. That is, until now. The Open Book Experience LP is an explosion of suppressed emotions, fears and anxieties wrapped into a story riddled with pain, despair and eventually triumphs. The musical journey chronicles a lost soul chasing his musical dreams until forced to make a decision at a pivotal crossroad in his life. The original Chu chose to pursue a college degree and played 4 years of college basketball in the process. After graduating and 10 years of coaching college basketball, he has reclaimed the one thing that always made him whole – his music.

CHU is one half of the ChuBlaqa Production Team, which is rounded out by Jey Blaq. In addition to producing and writing tracks for R&B, Hip-hop and Pop talents, the original CHU has poured his heart and soul into the mic with a heartfelt, “Open Book’, diary-style hip-hop LP.

Short Bio (Twitter and other Social Media):

The original CHU is a Canadian producer, songwriter and lyricist who brings a refreshing approach and a sincere honesty to every track.

CHU is 1/2 of ChuBlaqa Productions. In addition to producing/writing for R&B, Hip-hop and Pop talents, he released a diary-style hip-hop LP


*Clean Edits available for each track

*Clean Edits available for each track